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Bob's Auto Repair


Auto Repair and Classic Car Restoration Service in Fremont, CA

Allow our technicians at Bob's Auto Repair to provide you with the repairs, parts and maintenance essential to keeping you and your family on the road safely. At Bob's we specialize in preventive maintenance, repairs and replacements on your classic, late model and hybrid cars, trucks and SUV's. Our team works with you to provide fast, honest and reliable service at prices that you can afford.

A History of Excellence

Since 1965, Bob's Auto Repair has been family-owned and operated establishment. Our staff has over 75 years of industry combined auto repair experience; this is the reason that our customers and the residents of Fremont trust us to provide great work! At Bob's we don't take any chances with our customer's safety, you and your family comes first, this is why we employ ASE Certified Master Technicians and we use AC Delco parts! We take pride in being a local AC Delco Total Service and Monroe Strut Shop! Contact us today at(510) 657-5080 to get a quote on your restoration or repair work.

Bob's Specialty

Is there anything that captures the spirit of America like our cars? At Bob's we specialize in keeping your classic, vintage automobiles and hybrids on the road in top shape! Visit our Classic Car Repair page for more information on our specialty car services and allow Bob's to help breathe life back into your beloved classic.